WeWork From Jellywhere

2 min readDec 1, 2021

We have faced many challenges as a company since the beginning of the global pandemic. Our top priorities were sustaining relationships and the engagement of all Jellysmackers while continuing to spread our company culture around the world as they adapted to working with greater flexibility.

So it was only natural that nearly a year ago, we launched our Work From Jellywhere initiative. Working from home is no longer a perk; it has become an expectation that has earned its rightful position in the corporate landscape. Jellysmack’s “Work from JellyWhere” policy is clear: its focus is to provide the flexibility to help reach your full potential from the comfort of your own home.

Our employees are agile, creative global citizens — and we want to reward them for it, and that’s why we are taking this initiative one step further. So from this day forward, we’re offering them the unique opportunity to work from any WeWork space anywhere in the world. That’s right: 119 cities and 743 spaces to choose from. Now, that’s what you’d call a perk.

Go Bigger

The initiative is twofold: first, to give employees access to their neighborhood WeWork locations. In sprawling cities like New York, Paris, London or LA, showing up at the office can sometimes require an hour-long commute. HQs can’t be everywhere, but WeWork’s vast network can. They say home is where the heart is. Thanks to this initiative, homes will be where Jellysmackers are.

Our Work from Jellywhere policy allows our Jellys to work from abroad under some conditions. So, why not help them get acclimated to a new city with fully-equipped office space, complete with a welcome desk and built-in community?

And, did we mention hypergrowth? The Series C Investment has allowed us to continue to scale and expand at lightning speed. New hires mean new infrastructure — and fast. With its global network, we can rest easy knowing that WeWork has the scale and flexibility to keep up with our growth.

Jellysmackers are excited about the initiative, and so are we. Time for them and for us, to Go Bigger.




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