Celebrating Women of Jellysmack

2 min readMar 2, 2022

Celebrating the women of Jellysmack for a single day would be pointless. Celebrating the women of Jellysmack for a week wouldn’t make sense. In fact, an entire year wouldn’t be enough to celebrate the women of Jellysmack.

Because each one is unique in what they bring. Each is special in what they teach us. Each one is extraordinary in what they build. In what they create.

Rather than celebrate in a circumstantial, limited way and prevent us from celebrating all the diversity of the women of Jellysmack, we decided to do it throughout March. A month dedicated to celebrating their victories and achievements, making their demands heard and reflecting on how our company can promote equality and justice.

At Jellysmack, we have always promoted a culture of equality, inclusion and respect. And this culture is also reflected in the multiple opportunities we offer. Not only is there equality between men and women among all of our employees, but more importantly, there is equality in management positions.

Our involvement in the promotion of women is also reflected in partnerships with Ada Tech School and 50intech.

Our sustained efforts have made it possible to reach 23% of women in our tech and product teams. A figure that can still be significantly improved in the coming year.

One of our levers of action to achieve this is these partnerships and our internal initiatives. We launched our Women Affinity Group a few weeks ago. Nearly 200 members are already part of it, 15% of our Jellysmackers. The first actions will be carried out soon as part of Women’s Month and obviously later in the year.

In 2022, we #ChooseToCreate a brighter future, an equal one, a more diverse one. We #ChooseToCreate opportunities. And we are thankful for all the Jellysmackers helping along the way.




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