Creating a bright-her future for women in tech

2 min readNov 9, 2021

Recently we wondered what makes Jellysmack, Jellysmack. A call for introspection that’s essential as our growth in recent months has been significant.

A helpful reflection so that our company culture lives on, our values ​​continue to be conveyed, transmitted and above all embodied by our Jellysmackers.

Among the conclusions we have drawn is that what makes Jellysmack, is this fierce desire to impact society positively. Our constantly renewed desire to put in place concrete initiatives that stick to our convictions.

Diversity, inclusion, and equality are subjects that are always at the heart of our thoughts and concerns. That’s why we’ve partnered with 50inTech in the past to help more women find tech jobs. But also to learn to face the challenges of the working world when you are a woman.

It is because we believe in a perfect balance that at Jellysmack, parity is respected in the company or among managers. On the tech and data side, on the other hand, we can still do better than 25% of women in these positions.

And so, it is only natural that we sign a partnership with Ada Tech School. A collaboration of which we are particularly proud.

Ada Tech School is a programming school designed for women but open to all. Its mission is to create the space and environment conducive to orienting new talents towards coding jobs, particularly young women. Their pedagogy promotes collaboration, emancipation, and confidence in one’s abilities to do.

We find ourselves in these values and this mission. And we are happy to be able to collaborate with Ada to train the talents of tomorrow. We will welcome two students to our teams this year for several months to help them perfect their knowledge. We will support them in their training, hoping that they will become the Jellysmackers of tomorrow!

Thank you to Ada Tech School for this partnership and their project, which allows dozens of young people and companies to prepare for the future and try to make it better.




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