Our 5 Values and why they matter


We’re here to produce and distribute content that entertains, teaches, makes people laugh, and amplifies diverse voices. We’re aware of the responsibilities that come with wide-reaching influence and choose to connect audiences with positive content. We believe in spreading good vibes only.


At Jellysmack, we deviate from the norm and are on a mission to stand out and forge a new path in the creator landscape. We exist to evolve and seek out what’s next. We’re not afraid to be bold, take risks, and create content that gets noticed, generates results, and makes an impact. We don’t fit in a box, and we love questioning the status quo.


Overperforming content is what we’re known for, and we embody the essence of overperformance in everything we do. It’s part of our DNA. Just as our superior tech and data power our videos to exceed expectations, our team powers our relentless pursuit of excellence. Across our products, content, and partnerships, we continuously push boundaries and refuse to be satisfied with “good enough.” Our individual success inspires our collective success so that when we win, we win together.


Jellysmack is where the fast-paced worlds of social media, tech, and startup collide. Change is the only constant in these three industries, so adaptability is at the core of everything we do. Bring on the new social platforms, the changing algorithms, the ever-evolving product features. Those challenges are part of the rhythm of the digital landscape, and we see them as opportunities to improve.


Jellysmack has a clear vision: to shape the future of the creator economy. We get there by staying laser-focused on our goals and executing with precision. We let the data inform our decisions and take purposeful action to operate efficiently and leave the B.S. at the door. We avoid the trap of perfection by zeroing in on our next move and pursuing it with speed. We stay sharp and concentrate on the bigger picture of unlocking our full potential.



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Jellysmack is the global creator company that detects and develops the world’s most talented video creators through technology.